Factory Maintenance Project for Global Drinks Manufacturer

Published Tuesday 25th August, 2020
Factory Maintenance Project for Global Drinks Manufacturer

Maintaining and extending the life of multiple high usage gates at a global drinks manufacturing factory

GT Perimeter Protection’s client, a global drinks manufacturer based in North London, was facing the prospect of replacing nine gates around their factory premises. With GT’s expert advice they were able to save on expensive replacements by extending the life of their various gates for three more years.

The Problem

The security gates around the busy London factory, including six bi-fold gates, two swing gates and a sliding gate, were being maintained by the company that previously installed them. This company would no longer commit to maintaining the gates, and as the gates were operating on a closed protocol technology they informed the customer that all nine would need to be replaced.

This was an unexpected and unwanted expense to the manufacturing company. They had been planning a site reconfiguration project to be undertaken within the next few years, where they would be replacing the majority, if not all, of their gates.

A solution was required that would keep the current gates in action until the reconfiguration project commenced, to ensure that their high security standards could continue with minimal additional expense or disruption to the business.

The Solution

GT Perimeter Protection were approached for professional advice and were able to help in several ways.

  • Lifting restrictions
    The fact the existing gates were based on protocol equipment meant that the customer was locked into the previous installation company. GT were able to bypass this restriction by stripping out and replacing the control boards, with no loss in functionality and making the whole system open for future maintenance.

  • Extending the life of existing gates
    With the help of GT expert maintenance regime, the existing gates were kept operational for three more years. This enabled the customer to continue using the gates up until they were ready to embark on their site reconfiguration programme.

  • Meeting health and safety standards
    As a Gate Safe Premier Installer, GT carried out a detailed dilapidation survey on the gates and found that amongst other things they were not up to the required health and safety standards. This was quickly put right so that the premises could continue running safely and securely, with little risk of accident.

The Results

As a result of the work completed by GT Perimeter Protection the customer was able to use their existing “end of life” gates for a further three years. This saved them money on an unnecessary replacement project ahead of their site reconfiguration programme when the gates would have been replaced anyway. The improvement of these gates to meet the highest health and safety standards ensured the customer was at a reduced risk of accidents and the associated financial costs and reputational damage.

GT Perimeter Protection were ultimately selected to replace the gates with by the client on completion of the site reconfiguration process.

Products Used

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GT Perimeter Protection inherited the maintenance contract on an old set of closed protocol gates and have manged to keep them fully operational far longer than we expected savings. We couldn’t recommend them enough.

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