New Entrance System for Manufacturing and Distribution Plant

Published Tuesday 25th August, 2020
New Entrance System for Manufacturing and Distribution Plant

Installing and integrating a secure automated gate system for a busy manufacturing and distribution plant.

A Somerset based British manufacturer and worldwide distributer of cleaning and maintenance equipment was looking to switch from manned gates to an automatic entrance system in order for the company to reduce costs and maintain a high level of security. GT Perimeter Protection provided bespoke advice and expert installation and integration of these systems to help the company achieve objectives.

The Problem

As the main manufacturing and distribution centre for this British based, worldwide brand, security is a top priority. Running a busy plant means they need a high level of perimeter security, which at the time incorporated a manned manual gate system. The company wanted to reduce running costs without losing any level of security.

The Solution

In order to maintain the highest level of security while cutting back on expenditure, they decided to switch from their existing manned gate system to an automated gate system. GT stepped in to provide their expertise.

  • Going automatic
    Four new automatic bi-folding vehicle gates were installed, along with two new automated pedestrian gates. A traffic light system was also put in place to help regulate traffic on site.

  • Integrating with existing systems
    GT integrated the new automatic gates with existing security systems including Kronos access control and an IP high definition video intercom system. Integrating these systems provided the customer with the means to manage them all from a single central location.

  • Introducing hassle free entry for staff
    The new system enables staff to continue to access the site with ease by using their access control badge, whilst visitors are able to use the integrated video intercom system to talk to reception who can operate the gates remotely one they are satisfied the visitor is legitimate.

The Results

Due to these upgrades to the security system across the large premises, the company will see a significant return on investment due to the yearly savings made by removing the need for a permanent security guard on the gate. Staff continue to have easy access to site, whilst visitors can be managed remotely. The high-quality automated gates will maintain a high level of security for years to come.

Products Used

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GT Perimeter Protection inherited the maintenance contract on an old set of closed protocol gates and have manged to keep them fully operational far longer than we expected savings. We couldn’t recommend them enough.

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